Company Profile

Company Profile:

TECH-BANK FOOD CO., LTD. (SZ: 002124) was founded in 1996. It listed in 2007. Up to now, it has had five business segments, including aquatic feed, biological products, pig-breeding (Hanswine), fresh food (Fantaste) and engineering construction (TECH-BANK Kaiwu). It also became one of the most complete agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises of China’s industrial chain. What’s more, it resolves to become a world-leading, green and healthy supplier in animal-derived food.

TECH-BANK is the only audited supplier of green food production materials in aquatic feed areas, which has first proposed achieving“the aquaculture feed coefficient is less than 1". It also provides sinking, floating and slowly sinking full ripened feed, which let it take the leading position in market segments of high-end aquatic feed.

In the area of biological products, TECH-BANK created a suspension culture technology application pioneer in China’s animal vaccine industry. And it also owns China 's only highly pathogenic PRRS cell suspension culture heat - resistant protective agent live vaccine(JAX1-R Strain ) and the world's only avian influenza (H9) cell suspension inactivated vaccine and other vaccine products, which promotes  China’s animal vaccine industry upgrade and motivate its industrial progress.

In the area of pig-breeding, Hanswine Food Group strategically invested internationally renowned breeding company named Choice Genetics, and got the best pig gene. By strengthening production management, rigorously controlling biological security, promoting remote control and intelligent information system, and running safely and efficiently, the indexes of sow PSY, feed conversion rate of pig and so on are at record highs.

In the area of fresh food, Fantaste Food Group relies on completely controllable industrial chain system. Its food is delicate taste and flavor such as caviar, hairy crabs, crystal shrimp, large yellow croaker. Delicious pork has features like without antibiotics, delicacy and health care and so on. There is a sentence saying that, as soon as water boiled the pork, the fragrance wafted.

In the area of engineering construction, TECH-BANK Kaiwu Group has integrated resources, coordinated the plan, design, construction and management of each section in engineering, promoted the modularization and standardization in engineering construction and also cultivated and transmitted professional equipment operators. By means of science and technology to impel environmental protection work, carry out organic fertilizer sales, and make the enterprise development be in harmony with the natural environment.

Better food, better life. TECH-BANK CO., LTD would keep on our enterprise’s values, which are innovation, quality, service and sharing. Use animal-derived food to be the fundamental. To strive for the goal that establishes and strengthens the health food industry system.