Enterprise Culture

Corporate Culture

TECH-BANK’s business purpose: Better food, better life.

▄ Food: to be the world-class, green and healthy animal source food supplier n

▄ God: the animal source food as the fundamental products of TECH-BANK

▄ Harmony: to focus on cleaner production and environmental friendliness; to share with the government, investors, partners, customers and employees. All the interests are full of passion to achieve our goals firmly;

▄  TECH-BANK:  the global integration of the necessary resources to establish and expand the health food industry system (100 billion in sales revenue, 100 billion in market value).

The Core Values of TECH-BANK: Innovation, Quality, Service, Sharing

Innovation is to have better quality. Quality is delivered to the customers through sales and service. suppliers, customers, employees and investors and other stakeholders share values in the end. And it also support the realization of the purpose with values.

The Strategic orientation and Implementation Path

n  the Strategic orientation: bio-agriculture plus intelligent agriculture

n The Implementation Path:to increase the value of industrial chain by technological innovation.