Techbank Team


Up to now, TACH-BANK Co., Ltd. has more than 2500employees. More than 1300 employees have the college degree or above. (11 people have the doctor’s degree and 150 people have the master's degree)

5 members of the board in the company have the doctor’s degree, and respectively have high impacts in different areas of domestic research. What's more, all members of management have the bachelor’s degree or above, and received a systematic study of business management knowledge respectively in the CEIBS(China Europe International Business School), Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and other institutions of higher learning with rich experience in enterprise management. Functional departments of all branches, subsidiaries and joint-stock companies have a bachelor’s degree or above and have rich experience of doctrine and practice. Employees in management, sales and research department positions, over 90% of them have a college degree or above.  

Wu Tianxing   honorary chairman

   Wu Tianxing, male, professor and doctoral supervisor, was born in April 1963. He served as a lecturer of Zhejiang Agricultural University, 5th director of the Council in the Animal Nutrition Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science Veterinary Medicine, Vice Chairman of Yuyao TECH-BANK, associate Professor of Zhejiang University, Master Supervisor of postgraduates, 7th and 8th director of the Council in Postdoctoral Friendship Association of Zhejiang Province and vice chairman of Ningbo TECH-BANK Co., Ltd. Now, he is the chairman of the company, professor of Faculty of Science, Zhejiang University, doctoral supervisor and director of the Key Laboratory of Molecular Design and Nutritional Engineering, Ningbo Institution of Technology, Zhejiang University. He published more than 90 academic papers, of which more than 20 articles were included in SCI. He also published two works. He completed more than 20 kinds of scientific research projects, who won 1 Second Prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 6 Second Prize in Zhejiang Province. What’s more, he was granted a Special Allowance from the State Council and won the Ningbo Science and Technology Innovation Award. He also was an outstanding worker for his contributions in science and technology of Zhejiang Province. He was selected the first level of 151 Talent Project in the new century of Zhejiang Province.

Zhang Banghui   the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

 In July 1963, Zhang Banghui was born in Chaohu City, Anhui Province. He is a member of China's ethnic-Han majority. He is a master graduate student. He graduated from Anhui Agricultural College in 1984, graduated from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1990, and graduated from China Europe International Business School in 2007 (Shanghai 05 classes graduates). He was once one of the founders, the largest shareholder, and the company's actual controller of Ningbo TECH-BANK Co., Ltd.. Now, he is the company's chairman and president.

In September 1996, Zhang Banghui and several people started their entrepreneurial journey in Hemudu River, Yuyao-day feed Technology Co., Ltd. is the founder of the first enterprise, then only a few years time, subordinate companies to dozens of products sold The country and exported to the European Union, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions. In April 2007, he led the company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In Hemudu River. Yuyao TECK-BANK feed Technology Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise that they established. Then only a few years, subordinate companies developed to dozens of companies. Their products were sold and exported to many countries and regions such as the European Union, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and so on. In April 2007, the company what he led listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Zhang Banghui adheres to build the core competence of enterprises in the scientific and technological innovation to promote sustainable development strategy. At present, the company has developed into one of the whole industry chain of national key leading enterprises and key national high-tech enterprises that incorporate feed, vaccines, aquaculture, food. It has the only aquatic feed green certification, the world-leading fully matured feed production technology and biological fermentation technology. And it has the only microcarrier suspension culture system, which has continuously got more than 10 animal vaccine national invention licensing patents. The strategic investment of CG makes it possess the whole gene Breeding technology and CT scanning technology. Relying on scientific breeding methods, it can produce safe, delicious, nutritious and healthy pork. The special excellent aquatic products whose meat is delicious, nutritious that fed by TECH-BANK Feed, enjoy great popularity in the market, especially sturgeon caviar Sauce, whose production accounts for more than half of the global market.

Zhang Banghui led the team to further promote the company's strategic development plan, and put forward the business purposes of "better food, better life" . With the "innovation, quality, service, sharing" as the core values, they determined to do the world-class, green, Healthy animal resource food suppliers. On a global scale, integrating resources and increasingly growing health food industry system so that they can achieve the development goals of 100 billion sales revenue and 100 billion market values to 2025.

Zhang Banghui personally guided and participated in a number of national scientific research projects. His research results have won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress and   science technology progress award of Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province. He researched and developed the scientific research products of which is in the international advanced level. Among them, Production of Porcine Blue Ear Vaccine by Cell Suspension Culture filled the gaps in domestic technology. Dozens of works and papers such as "the Investigation and Utilization of Feed Resources of Anhui Province,", "Chinese Merino Fine Wool Sheep Feeding Standards", "Pollution-free Breeding Factory in Turbot Key Technologies and Exploration" were published on authoritative publications at home and abroad.