Research and Development

TECH-BANK Co., Ltd., since its inception, it has clearly established the goal of science and technology enterprises. It adheres to the independent innovation and a road of technology leadership. It upholds the approach that integrates technology, quality and service. And it builds R & D platform actively. In 1998, it set up enterprise technology center ——TECH-BANK Research Institute. In 2002, after it was approved by the National Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Science and Technology, TECH-BANK established the "post-doctoral research station". In the same year, TECH-BANK Research Institute was awarded the title of provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center of aquatic feed by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province. In 2006, TECH-BANK Research Institute was jointly recognized as the“national certified enterprise technology center”by the National Five Ministries. In 2010, the company and the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences jointly set up the " National Aquatic Science Research Institute of TECH-BANK Fish Nutrition and Feed Science Research Institution". All these further promoted the company's capabilities in research and development .

According to the actual development of the company's industry, TECH-BANK Research Institute gradually formed the research centers in the continuous improvement, which were relied on the relevant subsidiaries: Aquatic Feed and Aquaculture Technology Research Institute, Quality Monitoring and Testing Center, Biotechnology Research Institute , Institute of Fermentation Technology, Pig Feed Research Institute, Ruminant Feed Research Institute, Feed Technology Institute, Quality Continuous Improvement Institute, and Aquatic Food Development Research Institute(Room).

Aquatic Feed and Aquaculture Technology Research Institute is the main body of the Research Institution, which consists of aquatic feed research rooms, feed processing technology research laboratories and TECH-BANK breeding center test bases. The Institute is mainly engaged in the research and development of pollution-free aquatic feed products and the exploration of the mode of pollution-free aquaculture. In the aquatic feed products, raw materials and production processes of monitoring quality, it has the basic analytical instruments and equipment for the indicators of quality testing. It can ensure the whole process control of the products’ quality. It can also ensure that the company is in the leading domestic level in the feed production control.

TECH-BANK Aquaculture Center Test Base is to mainly carry out the new formula’s breeding experiment and demonstration in aquaculture feed. The base achieve aquaculture water recycling through the water treatment system and circulatory system. It achieves healthy breeding through optimizing the breeding environment, reducing energy waste and eliminating cross-infection to achieve healthy breeding.

Quality monitoring and testing center were equipped with high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, near-infrared detector and a series of high-end testing equipment to strengthen the detection methods of the analysis, improve the rapid ability to learn fakes, provide the necessary testing services for feed R & D. It also protected the product quality’s safety and stability and ensured that the company is in the advanced domestic level in the feed production control.

Biotechnology Research Institute has built experimental animal rooms, research and development laboratories and the Breeding plant disease purification program design center. It mainly study the livestock and poultry, aquatic products and other vaccines of diseases prevention  and their production processes involving the new technology, new process and new products.

In TECH-BANK Research Institute, there are experts who have long been engaged in animal nutrition and feed processing technology. And there are experts who have promoted to implement new varieties of breeding and breeding technology promotion In the aquaculture production for ages.  

Over the years, the company's R & D institutions focus on the market-oriented principle, move around the market research and development projects, and further define the key point of independent innovation and project research and development. It requires the research work to challenge the commanding heights of the industry and accelerate the R & D results with leading and advanced , And accelerate the industrialization of R & D results. It can provide a strong driving force for sustainable development of the company With the independent innovation .

R & D institutions have undertaken a number of research and development tasks such as the national new product plan project, national Spark plan project, national torch plan project and provincial scientific research project, etc. The R & D projects have won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, the first prize and second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Zhejiang Province,  the third prize of Science and Technology Award of Zhejiang Province and many other awards. At present, the company  is in the leading domestic level in the areas of the special aquatic feed, the use of cell suspension process to produce vaccines, the recycling of  waste cooking oil from kitchens and other areas of R & D .

In order to carry out research and cooperation with domestic universities and research institutions, the company's technology development facilities and information conditions improved the basic theory of aquatic nutrition and feed science, accelerated the new products’ development of the company and provided a broad experimental platform and development space .

In the ongoing research and development, timely introduction of new products and the guarantee of products’ safety and reliability, at the same time, the company strengthens the technical marketing and technical services in a high sense of responsibility to the community to continuously enhance values for customers and increase efficiency for them. Chengdu TECH-BANK Biological Products Co., Ltd. has established a breeding enterprise disease purification program design center for timely inspections of serum and disease samples for customers. Through antibody detection, we can understand the vaccine use animal groups and the level of groups to help customers stabilize and Improve the production performance and to guide customers to solve existing problems for the better use of vaccine products. The feed production enterprises continue to expand the technical service teams, and actively guide farmers to adopt new farming techniques, new feed products and new farming methods. The company invited the experts from scientific research institutions and colleges& universities to hold different types of technical seminars and professional training in various sales regions to help customers solve technical problems at the scene. The company also pays attention to publicize and promote the animal epidemic prevention and breeding in new technologies through bench marking, empirical collection, typical promotion and other forms. The company  freelyp resents 5,000 copies of the internal publication called "TECH-BANK" with the contend of the epidemic prevention and breeding of new technologies to customers every month. And the company also shot and produced VCD discs introducing the farming technology and tend to present them to customers through the network, WeChat and other modern media to promote and release the newest dynamics and empirical cases of the animal epidemic prevention and animal breeding so as to help our customers master new technologies efficiently and achieve efficiency gains.