Project construction

Tech-bank Kaiwu Group Company

On 3 July2016, Tech-bank Kaiwu Group Company was founded, forming the 5th largest plate of Tech-bank. From then on, on the basis of ‘four carriages’(Feed Business Unit, Chengdu Tech-bank, Hanswine, Fantaste), a new trend of ‘five carriages’ was formed.

‘Kaiwu’ means knowing everything in Chinese. The current Kaiwu Group includs a number of sections, which are engineering construction, environmental protection technology, equipment maintenance, biological fertilizer, and will make full-service for the strategic planning of Tech-bank companies. Tech-bank Kaiwu Group Company will make as our duty building a first-class aquaculture industry service providers,  accelerate the pace of development, break through the limitations of the industry to become the enterprise with the most growth and competitiveness, and will make the name of Kaiwu widely spread in the land of China.